We can be legitimately proud of achieving something solid and useful in the shape of the funeral choultry. Users are without exception full of appreciation. It is highly satisfying.

But there are many more things to do. Atleast what we hope to do.
1. We should, with the consent of the P.D Associations of Madras and Hyderabad form a Federal Council of the Associations for useful co-operation of efforts to help our people.
2. Puduru Dravida Census is a desideratum. We are taking it up. This was one of the earliest resolutions of our Association that has remained a dream till now.
3. Similarly we have so far failed to construct a place to keep a dead body pending creamation. Various factors are holding up the project, money being the least of them.
4. We have decided to start a library of rare books, especially written edited or published by P.Ds. Sri VS. Vedam of the U.S has funded the construction of a hall for the purpose on the second floor of the choultry (i.e U.S third floor). Work will begin shortly.
5. We are going to start a quarterly magazine which will be the voice of our Association.
6. A very useful and humanitarian work will be to develop a system of helping the old and helpless financially and otherwise. Suggestions are invited how to fund and execute this task.
7. Last but not the least of our dreams is an English Medium elementary and High school totally manned by P.D Teachers. P.D teachers are always very efficient and their school will certainly be viable. This matter is engaging the attention of the retired teachers in our Association. We hope it will soon be an accomplished fact.
There is no restriction on dreaming, God willing, dreams will become facts.