The name of the Association shall be The Puduru Dravida Association of Nellore District, hereinafter referred to as The Association’ and shall be deemed to have commenced functioning from the First of January, 1987 (1-1-1987)

The Registered Office of the Association shall be for the present at 16/ 1231, Nagulamitta Road, Nellore and function from the premises.

The aims and objects of the Association shall be the same as declared in the Memorandum and Articles of the Association.

(a) There shall be two classes of members as under:
1. Ordinary Members.
2. Life-Members.

(b) Any Puduru Dravida of either sex who is of the age of eighteen years or more and who subscribes to the aims and objects of the Association is eligible for admission as a member of the Association.

(c) On receipt of an application in the prescribed form from such a person, the Secretary may admit him or her as a member of the Association after the person has paid a sum of Rs. 10/- (Ten) for entrance fee and another sum of Rs. 15/-(Fifteen) for annual subscription.
The subscription fee shall be collected in full and in one payment even for part of the Association’s Official year as defined hereafter.
If for any reason the Secretary does not want to admit a person as a member, he shall place the matter before the next Executive Committee Meeting and act according to the decision of the Committee.

(d) Applications for Life-membership from persons eligible to be members of the Association will have to be submitted to the Secretary along with the entrance fee of ten rupees (Rs. 10/-) The Secretary shall place the same before the next meeting of the Executive Committee which shall decide the matter of admission. If found admissible the applicant shall receive a communication from the Secretary to that effect. The applicant can become a life-member on payment of five hundred rupees (Rs. 500/-) * within a period of thirty days from the date the Secretary’s communication has reached the applicant. If however, there is no response within the time prescribed, the applicant will forego the entrance fee paid by him unless by specific request the applicant is allowed more time by the Executive Committee.

(e) If a person who is already an ordinary member desires to become a Life-Member, he is exempted from paying the entrance fee. He shall make a request to the Secretary and the Secretary shall admit him on payment of five hundred rupees

* The fee for life-membership was reduced to Rs. 200/-, see G.B. Resolution Dt. 26-1-92 (Rs. 500/-) without having to process the application in a meeting of the Executive Committee

(f) Both classes Ol members have equal status in the Association except that a separate register for life- members be maintained.

(g) A member whose membership has ceased for non-payment of subscription at the time of a meeting of General Body of the Association, shall not be allowed to participate in the Meeting or vote on any issue or in election, or offer himself .is a candidate for election to the Executive Committee or for any sub-committee

(h) The Association shall maintain at its office two registers for member ] one for ordinary members and another for Life-members. The registers should show the name and address of a member, payment of membership fee and, in the case of ordinary members, cessation of membership, if so, whether because of non-payment of subscription, or resignation or death as the case may be.

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