One of the earliest aims of the Association was to establish a system of academic merit prizes for students of the high school and intermediate classes. We decided to seek donations from Puduru Dravidas to endow each prize with the required amount of money, which deposited in a bank, would yield enough interest to cover the prize money and incidental expenses.

The intended prizes:-

7th Class – Total marks – Three prizes I, II, III – Separate for boys and girls – Total six prizes.
I Prize – Rs. 150, II Prize – 100, III Prize – 50.

10th Class – Total marks – Three prizes I, II, III – Separate for boys and girls – Total six prizes.
I Prize – Rs. 250, II Prize – 150, III Prize – 100.

Intermediate – Total marks – Three prizes I, II. Ill
– Common for boys and girl^| I Prize – Rs. 500, II Prize – 300, III Prize – 200.
Soon generous Puduru Dravidas came forward toendow each prize.
There were more donors who wanted to endow more prizes. So some special prizes were instituted
A special prize for Intermediate Mathematics, Rs. 500/-.
A special prize for intermediate sciences, Rs. 500/-.
A special prize for an Engineering student who has secured the best rank among Puduru Dravida
students in EAMCET and joined the course, Rs. 500/-.
Only this year a donor came forward to endow a special prize for 10th Class Mathematics,
Rs. 200/- for a boy and Rs. 200/- for a girl
So all prizes have been set on a firm foundation of endowments providing for uninterrupted award every year.


(A Chronological list)
1) Sri Tirupati Subrahmanyam (Retd PET), (Hyderabad) – Endowment Deposit
3) Sri Bondu Venkataraman (Retd APMG, Nellore) S/othe LateMrutyunjayamof Nellore – Endowment Deposit, Rs. 1000/-Dated 10-9-1992for 10th class girls’ Third Prize – Rs. 100/- – In memory of his father.
4) Dr. VS. Vedam & Bros (Vedam Venkatasubrahmanvam of Chicago. US). S/o the lale (Peta) Narayanaiah of Allur, Nellore District – A general educational Endowment Deposit. Rs. 25,000/- Dated 27-9-1992, the interest whereof, to be used forany educational purpose.
5) SriVedam Subbaraghavaiah (Nellore), S/oThe Late Sri Subrahmanya Sastrv (tambi sastrv) of Nellore – Endowment Deposit, Rs. 2000/- Dated 26-12-1992 – foi Seventh Class Boys, First prize – Rs. 150/- In memory of his father.
6) SriVedam Krishnamurthy (Nellore) S/o Subbaraghavaiah of Nellore -endowment Deposit, Rs. 1000/- Dated 26-12-1992 – Seventh Class Boys. Third prize Rs.150/-In memory of his mother Sudha.
7) Sri Vedam Venkatarama Sarma (Nellore), S/o The Late Subrahmanya somayajilu (Allur. Nellore District) – Endowment Deposit Rs. 1500/- Dated 28-10-1994 for seventh class boys, Second Prize – Rs. 100/- In memory of his father.
8) Sri Mamidipudi Dasaratharam, Advocate. Gudur, (S/o The Late Ramakrisnaiah)and his wife Alamelu – Endowment deposit. Rs. 2000/- Dated 4-7-1993 for seventh class girls-First prize – Rs. 150/- In memory of Dasaratharam’s mother Indira: Endowment deposit Rs. 2500/- Dated 30-8-98. for Intermediate third Prize. Rs. 200/- In memory of his sister, Vimala.
9) Sri Konduru Pitchaiah Sastrv (Hyd). S/o The late Sri Srinivasamuithy (advocate, Nellore) – Endowment deposit, Rs. 5000/- Dated 11-12-1993 – for intermediate students-First Prize Rs. 500/- (Total marks) – In memory of his father.
10) Srimathi Alladi Raivalakshniamma, W/o The Late Alladi Ramabrahmam (Advocate, Nellore) – Endowment Deposit. Rs. 5000/- Dated 18-5-1993, – Special prize forIniermediate, Mathematics, Rs. 500/- In memory of her son Alladi Ramachandran (Bangalore).
11) Sri Kondagunta Venkataramana S/o Venkatesam (Nellore) – Endowment deposit Rs. 5000/-Dated 10-9-1994, – Special prize for Intermediate Sciences, Rs.500/- in memory of his father. & Endowment Deposit, Rs. 5000/- Dated 10-9-1994, – Special prize for the student securing the best rank among P.D Students in EAMCET, and actually pursuing the B.Tech Course. Rs. 500/- In memory of his mother Subbalakshmi.
12) Sri Kalahasti Lakshminaravana (Alias Kesari) S/o Vcnkntachalam (Alias Venkatesaiah) – Endowment deposit Rs. 5000/- Dated 1-8-19% for Tenth Class Boys. First prize Rs. 250/-. & Tenth Class Boys. Second prize. Rs. 150/- Both prizes in memory of his father Venkatachalam (Venkatesaiah).
13) Smt Kalahasti Audilakshmi W/o Lakshminarayana- Endowment deposit. Rs. 5000/- Dated 1-8-1996 – for Tenth Class Boys. Third prize. Rs. 100/- & Intermediate (General) Second prize. Rs. 300/- Both in memory of her father Sri Chadalavada Satyanarayana of Rebala (Ncllore District)
14) Sri Kalahasti Lakshmikantha Sauna of Nagamambapuram (Nellore District) S/o Kamayya – Endowment deposit. Rs. 25(H)/- Dated 12-9-1997. for Seventh Class Girls. Second prize. Rs 100/- Seventh Class girls. Third prize. Rs 150/-
15) DrBhuvanapalli Saiprabhu (Mumbai) S/o Audiseshaiah (Rly) – Endowment Deposit Rs. 5000/-Datcd 10-5-2000. – Special prizes for tenth class Mathematics. Rs. 200/-each, for a boy and a girl, both in memory of his grandfather Bhuvanapalli Yagnanarayanaiah (Madras).
16) Here we are glad to record that Chadalavada Srinivasa Chakravarti S/o Venkataramana is giving Rs. 500/- a year for a P.D Vedic student

ELIGIBILITY FOR PRIZES All Puduru Dravida Boys and Girls who ha\ e taken and passed the Seventh, Tenth, and Intermediate Class examinations in the educational institutions of Nellore District are eligible to apply for the prizes
However, children of the members of the PD Association of Nellore District are eligible to apply for prizes, even though they have written the examinations anywhere in Andhra Pradesh.
‘Children of members” does not mean “Grand children “.

As soon as a student secures his or her marks – list, a Xerox copy should be lo the secretary of the PD Association. Nellore. at 16/1231, Nagulamitta road, Nellore-524001,A.P. On the reverse of the marks – sheet, please write clearly-
1. The full name and surname of the student.
2. Thefull name of the father and occupation if any.
3. The name of the mother and the full name and surname of her father,
4. the full address of the student.
These details are very necessary.
Hereafter the prize – distribution function will always be held on the 15th MI every year, or on a date very close to it.
The list of selected candidates and the exact date, time and place of the function, will be communicated to the prize – winners and all members of the Association well in advance.

We request the parents of students to see that the marks – lists are sent without fail.The prize is a matter of right to the student. It is a distinction. It the student to do better in future.
Even if a student doesn’t get a prize, he or she will receive an incentive prize.